Laser Upgrades and Replacements

FlowCEL stock lasers in a variety of popular powers and wavelengths which can be retrofitted into existing flow cytometry systems to complement or replace your existing laser configuration. 

Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help maximise your instrument’s potential!

Examples of past upgrades include:

  • Replacing fibre-launched systems on FACSAria and Canto instruments with directly-launched diode lasers, minimising laser power loss, heat generation and cost!
  • Upgrading a three laser LSR Fortessa to a four laser system with the addition of a new 561 or 355nm laser, including new optics and detectors.
  • Replacing the 15mW argon-ion laser in a FACSCalibur instrument with a more powerful solid-state laser. 488 and 405nm versions of this upgrade have been installed.

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