LSR Fortessa

Fortessa X20


The Problem

Have users in your laboratory ever left a flow cytometer running overnight? Have they gone for coffee and forgotten all about it? Or left it on for the next user and failed to place the machine in Standby? Have you ever forgotten to reset your fluidics cart after changing a sheath container, resulting in air in the system?

Running your cytometer dry can result in precious sample loss and introduces difficult-to-remove air and troublesome filter debris into the fluidics, ruining operational stability.

The FlowCEL Solution

The FlowCEL Sheath Guard interfaces directly with your hardware, automatically placing the flow cytometer in Standby as soon as the sheath tank becomes empty or the waste tank becomes full. This prevents the system from ever running dry again. The Sheath Guard also emits an audible alarm, making empty sheath and full waste very difficult for users to ignore!

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